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ArcMap shapefiles are not overlaying even with the same coordinate systems.

Question asked by johnsonvictoria0814 on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by jborgion

Hi, everyone! So I'm fairly new to using ArcMap and have only taken one introductory level course using this system. I know the basics but can still get very confused. If this happens to be an easy fix then silly me, but I'm still learning!


Anyway, when I upload two shapefiles to ArcMap they are not overlapping. I have to click "Zoom to Layer" to see each one. I know I have to change the coordinate systems but I am unsure how... If anyone would like to see the data I am using, I am using an Oklahoma Counties Shapefile and the Tornado Shapefile provided by NOAA. The links to each are provided below:


This is the link to the Oklahoma Counties shapefile. I downloaded the county shapefile for the entire state!

This is the link to the tornado shapefile provided by NOAA. I downloaded the that you will see halfway down the page. It is the first of the three listed!


How do I get these two shapefiles to overlap? I have spent hours trying to figure this and have been reading/searching other posts but but I am not getting anywhere. Any help that can be provided would be great!