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Issue exporting to FGDB for attachment download

Question asked by rgardnercook on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by dwlitke_gmgis


I have a hosted feature layer that I was using in Collector over the course of a three week field project. I have tried exporting this layer to a FGDB in order to download the attachments, but the FGDB appears to be corrupted in some way, because 7zip always spits out an "unexpected end of data" error, and the FGDB is unreadable in ArcCatalog.


Some details:

  • This is a point layer, with ~3000 points, each with photo attachments and several fields of descriptive data.
  • The size is now 2045 mb.
  • At the end of weeks 1 and 2, I had no issue exporting to FGDB and using a script to download the attachments. It's only after week 3 (when it surpassed the 2 gb mark) that I have encountered this issue.
  • When I export to FGDB online, everything appears to be in order. However, I have the above-mentioned issue every time I export a new one and then try and download and unzip it. Also, when I try and create a new hosted layer from the FGDB online, it won't add to a map.
  • The hosted feature layer functions properly in online maps. All the attachments load just fine.


Is this a size issue? I recall seeing some mention of size limitations in past versions, but nothing specific to this situation.


Thank you!