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Which influence do I have in SceneView on the behaviour of the Sun Light?

Question asked by vanonzen on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by vanonzen

Hi all,


we are currently developing an application within ArcGis Javascript.


We want to have influence on the behaviour of the sunlight, for the following observations:

1) When turning on the option: 



The North Pole and South Pole are partly in dark. In the following old thread, they were working on a solution; but we found no additional information how to disable sun? 



2) When turning off the option 

The sun is behaving as expected. However; the dark side of the earth is too dark for us. We see a light source active (as it is not black), so are we able to power up this light source?


Secondly; especially when the user is zoomed in at a location, we would like to enlighten the earth more. 


Which options do I have to use AmbientLight only, or to push up the AmbientLight to get a nicer view?


With regards,


Jeroen van Onzen


PS. The documentation for cameraTrackingEnabled  is missing.