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Symbology size increases when publishing to ArcGIS Online

Question asked by daniel.nutsford on Jul 24, 2017
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Whenever I publish a web map from ArcPro to ArcGIS Online my symbol size increases by a third (33.3%). Users will be using both web maps on AGOL and the ArcPro document regularly so I want the symbology to be consistent between the two.


I could adjust the symbology size from ArcGIS Online after publishing, however I will be making regular schema changes to the data in ArcPro and do not want to have to adjust the symbology on AGOL each time I make an update (Schema change requires me to re-add the data to the webmap which drops the symbology.) I also want end users to be able to add/remove layers from web maps (so symbology must be defined in the service).


Another option would be to maintain two maps within ArcPro, one for editing data and map viewing (Normal sized symbology) and one for publishing to AGOL (symbology reduced by 33%). This is not ideal either as I have around 15 maps to maintain. 


Has anyone come across this before or have any solutions/work arounds? 


I do not have ArcMap and am using ArcPro 2.0

I am not using a reference scale


Many thanks!