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How to share or publish WMS open data into our own portal

Question asked by vamsikrishna.boppana on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by jayanta.poddar

Hi Friends,


I want to publish or share the WMS server free OpenData in our own portal.

I Have copied the WMS server link and added into Desktop "Add Data => Gis server => Add WMS server.

After adding the server i opened the related data in the Desktop. Here all layer are showing the Colors and attributes. But when i trying to publish or share the data through Share As option into our own portal It is getting error after Analyse the Data. "Stating that UN SUPPORTED DATA". and showing error.


Please anyone can help me regarding this issue.

"Can we use Others Free open wms server data into our OWN portal.? If possible please explain me how to share the other wms server data.


Thanks in Advance