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Question asked by simisbze on Jul 24, 2017
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I'm trying to add a map to AGOL with a polygon feature. I have the feature as a shapefile, a geodataset and a geodatabase. This feature also has 21886 records attached to it.


Now i want to add it to ARCGIS Online (AGOL), and have read all the ways to try and upload this feature:

- upload as a service from ARCMAP using feature access and changing the record number to the desired amount to be uploaded) 

- upload directly to AGOL and check the feature hosted layer box


Neither way works. The feature layer gets uploaded, but there is no data attached to it. The layer doesn't upload. I have tried previewing it before it uploads and then publish. I have tried changing the record number like i said in arcmap before uploading. So far nothing I do works, and I need to upload this feature so that others can access it and view the information attached. i am using ARCMAP 10.2.2


Any help would be appreciated.