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"...outside of the data coverage area" Trace Downstream Error

Question asked by on Jul 21, 2017
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I am trying to use the Trace Downstream tool for ArcGIS Online and I keep getting the error "All input points fall outside of the data coverage area. TraceDownstream Failed" when I use the tool anywhere on the Hawaiian Islands. I have tried using point data from feature layers that I added to the map with no success, and I have also tried just drawing in my own point ( in many different areas of Oahu and the other islands) also with no success. The Create Watershed tool comes up with the same error when I try to run it in the Hawaiian Islands.  I attached a screen shot of the error message.


I tried the trace downstream and the create watershed tool in several other parts of the world-- California, Mississippi, Utah, Channel Islands, Madagascar, Brazil... ect. All of my other attempts ARE successful. I am only getting this error when applying the tools in the Hawaiian Islands. I am stumped as to why these tools are running successfully in seemingly every other part of the world, but not Hawaii. 


One other note, the Create Viewshed tool runs successfully in the Hawaiian islands. 


Has anyone else received this error or does anyone know what I am doing wrong?