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Discussion created by hzwols on Jan 12, 2011
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Hello all,

I'm building a tool that gathers all Maplex labelproperties for all labelclasses of all layers in an mxd. The result is stored in a csv-file, to get a sort of overview.
In the code below i'm using IMaplexOverposterLayerProperties to access these labelproperties.
The problem is that i can't access all the properties that are visible in de Maplex placement dialogs.
One of them is the checkbox Measure offset from feature geometry that is in the dialog Layer Properties->Placement Properties->Label Position->Label Offset of a point featureclass.

Can somebody tell me the way to access this setting?

Greetings, Henk

Private Function processAnnotation(pFeatureLayer As IFeatureLayer)
    Dim pAnnoPropsCol As IAnnotateLayerPropertiesCollection
    Dim pAnnoProps As IAnnotateLayerProperties
    Dim pOverProps As IOverposterLayerProperties
    Dim pLabelEngineLayerProperties2 As ILabelEngineLayerProperties2
    Dim pMaplexOverposterLayerProperties As IMaplexOverposterLayerProperties
    Dim pGeoLayer As IGeoFeatureLayer
    Set pGeoLayer = pFeatureLayer
    If pGeoLayer.DisplayAnnotation Then

        Set pAnnoPropsCol = pGeoLayer.AnnotationProperties
        Dim i As Long
        For i = 0 To pAnnoPropsCol.count - 1
            pAnnoPropsCol.QueryItem i, pAnnoProps
            Set pLabelEngineLayerProperties2 = pAnnoProps
            Set pMaplexOverposterLayerProperties = pLabelEngineLayerProperties2.OverposterLayerProperties
            Print #lFileId, "Placement Method: " & pMaplexOverposterLayerProperties.PointPlacementMethod
            Print #lFileId, "Can Shift Point Label " & pMaplexOverposterLayerProperties.CanShiftPointLabel
        Next i
    End If
End Function