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Why can't I set symbology from RGB Composite to Stretched in a raster catalog of what are really B&W tiffs?

Question asked by ChuckHorne on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by g.doerffelmysynergis-esridist

I have a set of .tif files that are scanned plots from a series that are basic to the utility operation. The plots are black & white and have been clipped and georeference to make a backdrop. When I was doing this with .png, everything was fine, but now that I tried tif, I notice these effects:

  • every time I add one as a layer, it comes up with these bizarre Jimi-Hendrix-poster looking color scheme
  • if I go to the layer properties, Symbology tab, and switch from RGB Composite to stretched, they become B&W and look just like the original plots
  • I created a raster catalog and loaded the entire set in there, but when I add the raster catalog as a layer, it still comes up with the 60's crazy color scheme, but the Symbology tab doesn't enable changing: 
  • I note that while I can choose and Apply Stretched, it doesn't do anything
  • After a hacking period, I observed that I can simply Remove RGB Composite, in which case Stretched becomes the choice and it does work