Sorting IdentifyResult

Discussion created by DMS2 on Jan 12, 2011
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Hi all,

I'm just learning Javascript so basic things are new to me. Hope someone can clarify this to me.
I execute an identify task over several layers and get my IdentifyResult object. Then I sort my results by a certain field, but I want to sort only the results for one of the layers. I got it to work but still I'm not sure what kind of object is the IdentifyResult object.  Is it some kind of array? I mean something like this?:

IdntfResults = [[layername1, layer1attr1, layer1attr2, layer1attr3],
                     [layername1, layer1attr1, layer1attr2, layer1attr3],
                     [layername2, layer2attr1, layer2attr2, layer2attr3, layer2attr4]
                     [layername2, layer2attr1, layer2attr2, layer2attr3, layer2attr4]
                     [layername3, layer3attr1, layer3attr2]]

To sort the results I use this line of code:

My sort function (sort results for layer 2 by attribute 4):
function compareValues(a, b) {
var valA = a.feature.attributes["layer2attr4"];
var valB = b.feature.attributes["layer2attr4"];
return valB - valA; //descending