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Custom Parcels/Lots or Subdivision Tools

Question asked by BCBD_GIS on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2019 by Abele_Giandoso

I'm running into an issue where the block subdivision types in CityEngine does not seem to have the functionality I need for my current project. I'm looking to write a rule that allows for greater control in the parceling stage. I need to be able to create a controlled mosaic of zoning types within a block and have a unique parceling for each of those different zoning types. I currently have a CGA rule that allows me to split the block in two (A and B) and then have additional splits within A and B and the ability to rotate the orientation of A and B. Each of the subblock areas can then be assigned a zoning type (color as placeholders in the images). Once I'm at this stage I cannot select individual parcels, unlike those created using one of the existing subdivision types. Additionally, the polygons I've created are not aware of street edges and do not have the option to Set First Edge. After assigning a zoning type the subblock area should be divided into parcels according to specific zoning parameters (minimum & maximum lot widths, setbacks, etc) as drawn in image 4.  


The other option I'm considering is using roads with widths of 0m to subdivide the whole block into several CityEngine blocks so that I can preserve the Set First Edge function. I'd like to avoid this option if possible as I want to have dynamic sliders that would allow users configure subblock zoning dimensions.