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GPS location while offline - again

Question asked by deleted-user-F5GJxWp5nFsd on Jul 20, 2017
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I know that this question has appeared on the forum but I want to ask it again in another thread.


I have three different devices (Samsung tablet, Jiayu S3 and BlackView BV6000 smartphines) and latest Survey123 for Android installed. The survey behavies exactly the same in all devices when opening the app in offline mode - geopoint question is completly inactive and does not collect GPS data even if the location is being properly calculated by the device and shown in other apps (eg. Google Maps). The measurements are being done outside.


Is this how the app is supposed to work?! That in order to collect the GPS position wi-fi or mobile network connection is needed? Then after quite a long time (nearly one minute!) the position icon indicates GPS fix althought other apps shows GPS position after few seconds.


I do not have offline basemap loaded - if I will do that - will the geopoint qyestion be active when offline? Does it matter?


My field team has bought already quite a few tablet devices to work with Survey123 and it seems like they are unable to. What do you suggest?