Running ImageBlender on another webserver.

Discussion created by babbot on Jan 12, 2011
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Hello all,

a question about ImageBlender -- we're aiming to run this as a standalone service on our webserver, not our arcgis server. I'm probably making a blindingly obvious error, but I can't get the SimpleService in the background to run properly -- it's reporting a null reference exception in imageBlender.BlendImageList, with all params being passed looking good. Testing on my local machine:
//OutputPath and OutputUrl must be the same folder
        //Use this if it the project is on a machine with ArcGIS Server
        imageBlender.OutputPath = "C:\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\images\\"; //recommend  to use arcgis server output folder
        imageBlender.OutputUrl = "http://localhost/images/";//change [servername] to server name

Unfortunately the InnerException also reveals nothing.

Complied with VS2010, running as per instructions at

Any suggestions appreciated!