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Is there a universal way to draw user's content on web map in 3.x

Question asked by yhuang_hla on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by yhuang_hla

I am currently working with a web app, which could allow the users to log in with their ArcGIS Online Accounts and draw their contents on the map. The confusing part of this process is that it is really hard to determine which Function should I use to draw the layer. I come up with a matrix about the most used layers, and which function that needed to be used based on item's metadata. This might be incomplete:


typedisplayNameArcGIS FunctionURL(ID) to Use
Web MapWeb MapMapitemid
Feature ServiceFeature layerFeatureLayerurl
Feature CollectionFeature layerFeatureLayeritemDataUrl
Image ServiceImagery LayerArcGISImageServiceLayerurl
Vector Tile ServiceTile LayerVectorTileLayerurl
Map ServiceTile LayerArcGISTiledMapServiceLayerurl
Map ServiceMap Image LayerArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayerurl


Any suggestions for the best practice for this problem?