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using a different category of attribute table to label legend on ArcMap

Question asked by GEO_SEC on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by dknolan


I am working on livelihood zones of three different countries each on a separate shapefile. I have classified the layers according to the livelihood zone class, so that there is a common legend for all three of them. However, on the legend, I would like to label each class with a different field of the attribute table which gives also geographical information and is unique for each layer.

I tried using unique values, many fields, but when I imported the legend of one layer to the other it tried to recognize both the fields of the first layer on the second one, and gave me different colors for the same class.

Could you suggest me a way to get around the issue without having to change each color manually?

I do not know if my problem is clear, if needed I can try to clarify.

Thanks in advance,