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How to Push a Geocoded Point to the End of a Parcel

Question asked by juliawo on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by sbritt-esristaff

I am trying to geocode for trees based on addresses. Basically I need the points to show up at the end of the parcel as opposed to the center (trees don't grow in the middle of houses). I have tried using the 'Side Offset' function in my ArcMap desktop (10.5) but this seems to confuse the program and a number of the points that were regularly geocoded disappear and nothing slides to the end of the parcel. 


The geocoder I built uses building parcels and the 'General- Single Field' style. It works excellently until you try to offset anything. I have also tried this with street center lines (US Addresses- Dual Ranges) but this doesn't work as well. The image below shows in orange the parcel geocoded sites and the blue is the street geocoded sites. 


I am not opposed to writing code for this, but would like to see if there was an option to do this in the ArcMap geocoder tools before I went too far. Thanks so much for the help!