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Question asked by MIKEEL on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by MIKEEL

I have been having some peculiar issues with the Crowdsource beta story map.


1.  I used the Crowdsource storymap for it's unique community engagement opportunities....then it broke.

I could no longer 'open' the story map, and it just sat there spinning....

I figured that it was unable to reference it's base map....but, I was unable to open/edit the had become corrupted


2.  After recreating my Crowdsource storymap it now does not display and instead the link takes me to the arcgisonline sign in page, even though the storymap is shared with "everyone"


Is there any fix for regaining access to my old Crowdsource storymap and opening/editing it's basemap?


And is there an explanation for why I am being directed to an arcgisonline sign in page?