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Obtain an Ordered List of Stops in ArcGIS Network Analyst Routing Tool

Question asked by juliawo on Jul 20, 2017
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I am trying to create a list of routes in ArcGIS desktop (ArcMap) with some difficulty. My goal is to take a large list of centroids and write routes using Network Analyst broken up by a grouping factor (Group_Num).

I have been able to do this with the Network Analyst routing tool, but my routes can only be viewed as one contiguous line. Right now there is no list of centroids in their routing order, just detailed directions. While these directions are helpful, I need a list of just the sites in their new order. The first image below shows the routes and the network analyst window. The second image shows the results I get from the 'Directions' option.

Again, I am looking for a way to just extract a list of the centroids in their new routing order. Something similar to the multipart to singlepart tool for polygons but for routing lines.

One route with centroids.

Directions with route names, but not a list of just routes.