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ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for 10.5.1 Azure fails to install web adaptor

Question asked by BHiller on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by fraserhand

I've used the ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for 10.5.1 to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise to a single machine in MS Azure a few different times. The deployment process fails each time with a token error message being shown in the user interface.


The site appears to be deployed, but the Web Adaptor was not installed so I cannot access the site when not remote desktop'd into the VM.


When I try to manually install the Web Adaptor it seems to break IIS, the entire web site, even the generic IIS landing page becomes inaccessible.


Has anyone else seen this before, what to I need to do to successuflly intall the web adaptor in the Azure VM.