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Auto Calculated SHAPE_Area & SHAPE_Length fields not working in AGOL/Collector

Question asked by lindsay.raabe on Jul 19, 2017

It's good to see this feature has been added to ArcOnline (Calculate geometry in AGOL to find the area or length of a polygon or line).....BUT..... it is only good if it gives lengths and areas of meaning. How can I make my features calculate the Actual length and area?


Below is my test data created using Australia's GDA1994 MGA Zone 50 (1 Ha square with 100 metre sides and a 2nd rough square to closely match). 


The same 2 shapes published online with the Shape_Area and Shape_Length fields giving results that are clearly wrong. Instead of an Area of 10,000 mand Length of 400 m, I'm getting 14365.30 m2 and 479.42 m.