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Raster Calculator on Pro/Desktop?

Question asked by janeenkim.cayetano_crsorg on Jul 19, 2017

We collected on ArcGIS collector the boundary of many farms in Benin and a company flew a UAV.  Collecting farmer boundaries can be very difficult to do because you have to find the farmer, which can take a lot of time.  We also flew a UAV over the fields and had farmers draw on top of the imagery where the boundary is. We need to know the difference between the two.  This will help us assess the accuracy of using a UAV versus ArcGIS Collector walking.


Is there like an easier way to like use a Raster Calculator within ArcMap or Pro



To do this my suggested approach is . .

      • Clip the difference between the two boundaries and sum up the total cells (area) left per plot.
      • How ???
        • Create a blank raster with small cells/grids.
        • Clip the raster to the walked boundary so that you have a funny looking shape the fills in the boundary.
        • Repeat steps one and two with the drawn boundary
        • Give the shape with the walked boundary a value of -1 for each cell/grid
        • Give the shape with the drawn boundary a value of 1 for each cell/grid.
        • Then use raster calculator to add them together. 
        • Any where there is a 0 ignore.  Any where there is a -1 cell value people drew inwards.  Any ware there is a 1 people drew outwards too much. 
        • Calculate how many cells with -1 and 1.  Calculate the area difference for each plot.   The area is determined from the size of the grid.


But I'm not sure if this is the right steps.