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Collector Won't Save Polygons

Question asked by bridgfod on Jul 19, 2017

I am using Collector which is hitting an SDE database.  When I am creating a new polygon in the field, it won't save the polygon but keeps attributes.  It doesn't matter whether I am using iOS or Android; or whether I go around in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.  In iOS, as soon as I hit Submit, the polygon goes away, in Android, it fakes me out by staying there until the screen redraws.  All attribute entries are stored in the SDE table.  No problems with points, I have not attempted polylines lately.  Android version 17.0.2, build 1028; iOS version 10.4.2, build 1559; SDE version 10.3.1; SQL Server 2014 (version 12.0.5000.0).


Anyone else ever experienced and solved this?