Color balancing a mosaicked dataset produces odd artifacts

Discussion created by mwvanderwalt on Jul 19, 2017
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I am attempting to run a full color balance workflow from mosaic creation to raster output using Sentinel 2 imagery in ArcGIS Pro 2. My process is as follows:


- Create mosaic dataset,

- add rasters,

- rebuild footprints (some "tiles" are split between two rasters - when initially added to the mosaic dataset only a single footprint is created for both images, and color balancing usually is only applied to one),

- build seamlines (for blending along tile edges),

- bundle edit raster functions on select rasters as necessary,

- build pyramids and calculate statistics,

- run color balance (dodging, third order).


The problem is that once the color balance is run, a jagged edge of white appears along the footprint of some of the tiles (inner edges between tiles - see attached image for example). This only happens after footprints were rebuilt (without rebuilding the footprints the color balance may exclude small tiles contained within the original footprints) and only when the dodging method is applied - histogram and standard deviation methods do not produce this region of white/nodata. Reloading the mosaic does not fix the issue, and overviews created after color balancing reflect the same situation. While this problem has persisted after trying numerous permutations of the workflow (including tweaking the parameters) it has successfully produced a complete mosaic without the white regions on one occasion. Attempting to reproduce the mosaic by following the same essential steps and parameter settings, however, again produced the white edges.