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Show bookmarks w/o the need to open the bookmarks folder

Question asked by SOCOM_AJ_Valentin on Jul 19, 2017
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I was wondering if anyone knows about using a Bookmark widget w/o the need to use two click to access any bookmark.  I'll try to explain a bit better...


I would like to have 6 bookmarks, each with their own set of Extents.  Instead of placing the Bookmark widget onto an application and then have the user click once to open the Bookmarks folder, then click a second time to click the bookmark they want....instead of all of that, what about just having all of the bookmarks displayed on the screen w/o being contained in Bookmarks folder.


I'd like to have about 6 Bookmarks superimposed on my map at all times.  So a user can just click each button and the map Transforms to the related Extents for the button clicked.


Any help getting this is much appreciated!