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How to open Willmott and Matsuura climate data on ArcMap?

Question asked by joaopugliese on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by xander_bakker

  Hello folks,


I'm in a kind of bad situation and just couldn't find any solution. 


So I'm trying to open the "Willmott, C. J. and K. Matsuura (2001) Terrestrial Air Temperature and Precipitation: Monthly and Annual Time Series (1950 - 1999)" dataset, which is avaiable in this link, but I just can't do it on ArcMap. I downloaded 7Zip to un-tar the file (it comes as .tar), but even after uncompressed, each year comes in a .1996, .1997, .1998 and so on format. This leaves me no clue on how to open them in ArcMap.


I am annexing the files so you can take a look.


I really found no way to open them online, I even tried just renaming to a .nc file and them opening with one of the tools in ArcMap, but it just didn't work. Also, I tried to rename them to a .txt format and then just add them to ArcMap. Also didn't work - it was added as an attribute table but it crashed upon opening.


If anyone knows how I can import those files to ArcMap, I'd be very thankful.