Leveraging R&H API

Discussion created by ejabrams on Jul 18, 2017
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For those that have FME and Roads & Highways, Iowa DOT developed custom FME transformers and web service (called SkyFire) that combines multiple R&H web services making it easy for end users to transform location data.  Our old LRS had an API my team developed called JetFire (see attached documentation, soon to be retired)

Example SkyFire API call 


If you have FME and want to know more, email me and I can share what we have.  


If you have done similar things with ESRI workflow manager I would like to see what you have done.  Looking to stand up a similar geoprocessing service on our ArcGIS Server stack.  Might be good to pull together a webinar to show how organizations are leveraging R&H services to do cool things.