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DSM 3D coordinate transformation

Question asked by Bill41_Lin on Jul 17, 2017

I have a question about DSM image's 3D coordinate transformation.

I have two DSM store as GeoTIFF and both of them are in same coordinate system (WGS84 UTM zone 49N).

These two DSM are in the same place but different times.

I call them as DSM1 and DSM2.

However, DSM1 and DSM2 can't match perfectly.

They have some translation, rotation or Ratio variation in X,Y,Z axis.

Thus, I want to select control point from ortho images of DSM1 and DSM2.

Use control point's coordinate (x,y,z) in both DSM to get the parameters of 3D coordinate transformation (like 3D affine or 3D conformal).

Then, use the parameters of 3D coordinate transformation to georeference DSM2 to match DSM1.

Are there any good advice to do this?

Many thanks!