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Invalid Argument - ArcGIS SDK for iOS Error

Question asked by abineshece on Jul 17, 2017
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The following is the code, which I use to query the geodatabase.


                        if featureTable.hasGeometry {

                            let query = AGSQueryParameters()

                            let feature = featureTable.tableName

                            query.whereClause = "1=1"

                            featureTable.queryFeatures(with: query, completion: {(results: AGSFeatureQueryResult?, error: Error?) in

                                var result = results?.featureEnumerator().allObjects

                                for feature in result!{

                                    graphic = self.createGraphicForFeature(feature: feature)

                                    let featureLayer = AGSFeatureLayer(featureTable: featureTable)


                                    completion(nil, graphic)






I get the following error whenever I try to query the features and also it takes a lot of time to render each of the features.


2017-07-17 15:02:29.209 AppName[10703:350316] ArcGIS Runtime Error Ocurred. Set a breakpoint on C++ exceptions to see the original callstack and context for this error:  Error Domain=com.esri.arcgis.runtime.error Code=2 "Invalid argument" UserInfo={Additional Message=Null value., NSLocalizedFailureReason=Null value., NSLocalizedDescription=Invalid argument}


Appreciate your help.