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webapp builder edit widget - save  frequency

Question asked by Arpa_Piemonte_Geoportal on Jul 14, 2017

We use WAB with feature services fron AGS 10.4.1 for many editing operations and generally everything works great.


 In some projects we experienced that some editing sessions cause problems: edited polygons on WAB are not saved to SDE also if thery have been visible in the application while they are edited (geometry and attributes)


It seems that the commit after the editing job was non completed.


We searched in the help to undestand if there are paramenters to set commit/save  frequency  (i.e save every geometry updated o save after X transactions ) at  web application level or at feature service level but we did'n find nothing.

Anybody has experienced the same problems?

are there workaround to define or solve this problem?


thank you