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Forcing label items to remain on the same line

Question asked by bcoveney on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by bcoveney

Hi all,


I'm new to working with label expressions in ArcGIS Pro and I was hoping for some help. The expression I'm working with is as follows (VBScript):


[full_name] + " (Z:" & [zone] & " R:" & [rank_id] &")"


I realize my syntax and labeling structure is messy, but it's been getting the job done. The label is displaying a client name followed by their zone and rank numbers in parenthesis. Example: ExampleName (Z:1 R:10) The problem I'm having occurs when a longer client name forces what I have in parenthesis on to two different lines when I have label stacking enabled.


Is there a way to ensure that my information inside the parenthesis always stays together on the same line?


Any help is appreciated!