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How to zooming or extent to a particular feature?

Question asked by dasnobel on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by MDostal-esristaff


Below is the code which I am using to select feature but the problem is that it is not zooming or extent to that feature. How can I achieve this thing?


let queryParams = AGSQueryParameters()


        queryParams.whereClause = "Name = '60 EAST BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY ,10002'"


        self.featureTable.queryFeatures(with: queryParams, completion: { [weak self] (result:AGSFeatureQueryResult?, error:Error?) -> Void in


            if let error = error {






            else if let features = result?.featureEnumerator().allObjects {


                if features.count > 0 {




                    //zoom to the selected feature


                    self?.mapView.setViewpointCenter(features[0].geometry! as! AGSPoint, completion: nil)




                else {


                   // SVProgressHUD.showError(withStatus: "No state by that name", maskType: .gradient)









Right now I am using arcgis runtime ios sdk 100.0