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In the SharePackage tool, there does not seem to have a parameter to copy to a specific folder on ArcGIS.com.  Can this be something to implement in a future release or is there a way to upload to a specific folder that I am not seeing.

arcpy.management.SharePackage (lpk,"user","password","These are the Cadastral Layers for the County of Riverside that are maintained by the Assessors Department. We have included the Parcel, Parcel Lines, Parcel Reference, Mineral Rights, AOI (Book and Page) and Condos layers as part of this package."\
,"Assessor, Book, Cadastral, County Data, Page, Parcel Based, Parcels, Riverside, Riverside Assessor, Riverside County, Riverside GIS"\
 ,"County of Riverside","EVERYBODY","My_Group")