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Reinstalled ArcGis Desktop 10.2.2 and now I get message saying Invalid geodatabase release

Question asked by Drake2419 on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by CCatania-esristaff

I had to reinstall Windows 7 after Windows 10 crashed and then reinstall ArcGis Desktop. The computer could never get past the Advanced Diagnostics Screen so I had to remove the driive and use another computer to copy my files. After re-installation and copying the files back I get an error message when trying to access my file geodtabase.

Failed to connect to database

This release of the GeoDatabase is either invalid or out of date [Invalid Geodatabase release].

How can this be when it was created using the same version of arcmap?


Help. I have three years worth of data trapped in this geodatabase.