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Fix (or manage) redirects in Web Adaptor

Question asked by drunix on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by drunix

I have a Web Adaptor behind an nginx proxy. When I am outside here on the Big Bad Internet, I want it behind the proxy. My proxy apparently does the right thing, because when I hit it sends the request along to my hidden and I get the correct front door of ArcGIS Enterprise.


Then when I click through to log in, it redirects to  and thus it fails. How do I keep Web Adaptor from rewriting the URL to one that is unreachable? Is there a place to configure it to send back redirects that work?


I am thinking the response comes directly back from Web Adaptor and it knows nothing of the proxy, so it's doing what it feels is the right thing. Maybe I have to teach nginx to tell W.A. something in its headers?


Thanks -- Brian