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Loading CRU data and making a shapefile with monthly averages

Question asked by suziemilner84 on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I have downloaded the 30 year means (1961-1990) of the CRU data from the IPCC website and want to load it into ARCGIS and make shapefiles for each of the datasets (max temp, min temp, precipitation etc). My issue is that the data is formatted to be laid out as east to west in the file from left to right, and north to south going down the file, all in half degree spacing. This is for January and the same layout repeats below for each month in turn.


Is there a way I can load this into ARCGIS and create a shapefile where each row in the attributes table is a single coordinate and each column is as follows: Latitude, Longitude, January, February, March... etc


The data is downloaded from here. When opened with notepad++ the data displays as follows. N.B I can't zoom out enough to show all of the data but if I were to scroll across it would display the world starting from longitude 0.25 right round to 359.75. From the top it starts at latitude of -89.75 and goes down to 89.75 which represents January. Immediately below that, with no break, February follows, then March etc. 


Zoomed in

Zoomed out view of the CRU.dat N.B I can't zoom out enough to show the different months below but they continue without any break