Real time response tool still needed?

Discussion created by DanBear on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by mitchh300

I have an idea for a Real Time application based on field crew level data being fed back to Managers in Real Time in order to help Managers make better personnel/resources allotment based on current situations, but after I'm seeing Wildfire Analyst and similar stuff, I'm wondering where there might be a niche that is needed?    I have the basis for an application that addresses this but I am wondering what value it might have?    (Yes it is an attempt at application development because I don't get that opportunity at work and so how do I impress future employers??)


Any feedback on where there are needs for an application along these lines would be most useful.  Maybe most helpful would be what it would take to create a scaled down version of this application so that it could be immediately useable.


Thanks kindly.