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Appending e00 Files?

Question asked by aje2525 on Jul 13, 2017



I have been given a task that required me to update existing data. I had to unzip a set of e00 files then bring them into Arcmap (I used the extract all method), then use this python code (below) to unpack them  


import arcpy, os
arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True

# Workspace for interchange files
arcpy.env.workspace = ws = "C:\_Planharv2017update"

# List all ArcInfo Interchange files (.e00)
for cov in arcpy.ListFiles('*.e00'):
arcpy.ImportFromE00_conversion(cov, ws, cov.split('.')[0])
print 'Converted %s' %cov


and then append them. The code will run however it seems to not change the data. So I used the manual tool import from e00 and it worked perfectly. However it will not allow me to append the updates, does anyone know where I have gone wrong or what do to next?