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search widget does not work well for featureserver

Question asked by thomcat on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by thomcat

it does not seem to find multiple features (in the same layer) based on the select. without any search-result event listening I will get a singular polygon highlighted (I don't really like the default color that much either)


seems like if I listen for search-results I can kind of get the index of the sources choice and the selected string somewhere down in there so I think I could then kick off a querytask or something and get an array of features returned that way that I could make my own graphic layer for and highlight them nicely but really is that the way its meant to work


was it only intended for point sources geocoder locate services etc.? I read you could have a combo mix: "The Search widget provides a way to perform search capabilities based on locator service(s) and/or map/feature service feature layer(s)." and I do and works well except for multiple polygon and line featureserver returns I think.   


Am I missing something with the search-results? There is only ever one object there.