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Creating a Callout Label as a Table

Question asked by deleted-user-57QLt_-7NcdX on Jul 11, 2017

Hi all,


I am looking for a way in ArcMap 10.4 to display labels in a callout/table form.  For example, I'd like to take a shapefile (e.g., AircraftLocation.shp) which depicts multiple aircraft at several locations (see attribute table ExampleTable.jpg) and displays the AircraftType and TailNumbers at each location as a list in a callout table form (see ExampleCalloutLabel.jpg).


I have tried what is shown here in the link below, but it doesn't quite work.


I have also spent some time with Richard's blog entry that discusses related table data, but still no joy.

Creating Labels with Related Table Data 


Any help would be appreciated.