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Graph in popupTemplate

Question asked by antonantonenko on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by antonantonenko

Hey There Esri Community! 


I'm having a little issue here with the graphs inside the popupTemplate.

I was looking at the following example: 

ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox 

which does a great job in describing the process of creating a pie-chart inside the popupTemplate, 

However there is couple things that I don't get from this example that's crucial in order to make it work properly . 

  type: "media",
            mediaInfos: [{
              title: "<b>Count by type</b>",
              type: "pie-chart",
              caption: "",
              value: {
                theme: "Grasshopper",
                fields: ["relationships/0/Point_Count_COMMON"],
                normalizeField: null,
                tooltipField: "relationships/0/COMMON"

specifically this line:

 fields: ["relationships/0/Point_Count_COMMON"],

I understand that we need to pass the fields which according to them the pie-chart is getting charted, however when I pass my field "Number Of Local Employees" I get one full pie chart with one color, but that's granted I passed only one color, However in the posted code above, the example passes only one field as well and get multiple slices in the same pie chart.

This is somewhat crucial because when I look at the documentation for the tooltipField 



it says that it accepts only a string compared to the fields which accepts an array of strings, so in case I'm passing multiple fields I can only show one type of tooltip in relation to the entered field


**Regardless of that, I struggle to show any tooltip on hover. 



as follows: 


I appreciate it if you guys can have a look at it and point out if I'm missing missing, 



Thank you,