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How to Register an Enterprise Geodatabase with ArcGIS Server Using Different Credentials

Question asked by Underscore on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Underscore

I have read a lot about how to register folders and geodatabases with ArcGIS Server so that publishers can create map documents and publish them as GIS web services.  We have this working already with an SQL Server instance that uses Active Directory Authentication.  Basically, the ArcGIS User account is given privileges to read and possibly edit feature classes on this enterprise geodatabase.  The user creates the map document using his or her own credentials, publishes it as a service, and ArcGIS Server can see it.


But now we have a 10.5 enterprise geodatabase that doesn't use Active Directory authentication.  I want the map document publisher to use his or her own user name and password to create the map, but I want ArcGIS Server to use a different user name and password to access the geodatabase layers in that map.  I definitely do not want ArcGIS Server to try to sync these two databases because they are, in fact, looking at the same geodatabase.


How do you suggest I register the data store so that publishers can use their own geodatabase credentials to make the map, and ArcGIS Server uses its own credentials to access the layers?