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Tool Tips cause modal focus to disappear in Pro 2.0

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jul 11, 2017

In Pro 2.0, while you have an undocked tool UI that DOES NOT have focus, and you move the mouse directly over the "drop down properties arrow", the menu flashes then disappears when the tooltip flashes, causing users to have to click the drop down twice. Since I blame GIS, in general, for causing my Carpal Tunnel, any software that requires me to click twice on something, when clicking once should work, is unhealthy! The default behavior should be, upon detecting the mouse click, disable the hover event. 


To reproduce:

Click the arrow thingy:


The dialogue briefly flashes:

Then the tooltip appears:

Then you  have to click again to get to the menu

This only happens if you move the mouse over the properties arrow quickly, AND, the tool itself does not have focus, AND, the tool is undocked. If you click anywhere in the tool, OR, if the tool is docked, then click the properties arrow, the behavior does not occur.