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Add Multiple Photos to a Single Point Feature

Question asked by adrienmroth on Jul 11, 2017
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I've used the Create Attachments tool quite a bit for various projects.  I have a new problem though that I'm not sure how to solve.  As the title indicates, I have a point feature class and I have several graphs, photos, etc. to be attached to a single point feature.  Per the Esri support (Add Attachments—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop third bullet point under Usage), I should be able to name my pictures pic1a.jpg, etc to correspond to the ObjectID of the point feature I'm trying to attach to.  What the support doesn't mention is how/if this actually works, though.  My concern is that when I use the Generate Attachment Match Table and Add Attachments geoprocessing tools, I'm not going to be using the correct settings to be able to tell the GIS that ObjectID 1 in the feature class is equal to pic1a.jpg and pic1b.jpg in the attachments directory.  The other times I've used these tools, it was more straightforward and a one-to-one attachment relationship.  Will the GIS automatically recognize that 1a and 1b should be matched to ObjectID 1 or do I need to configure the tool to do that?