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How do I sharpen a mosaic dataset?

Question asked by ccady on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by ccady

I created a raster mosaic dataset of 213 rasters that were originally derived from NLCD data.  When I applied a colormap function to the the mosaic dataset the individual rasters became blurry not like the original rasters.  As if there was another dataset that has high transperancy displayed above it.  I then applied a colormap to RGB function, but the mosaic dataset is still blurry.  If I use the Colormap to RGB button in the Image Analysis Window, the resulting raster is as equally clear as the original rasters that make up the mosaic dataset.  I have tried applying the default Convolution Sharpen function to the mosaic dataset, but there is no improvement in the blurriness. What function(s) do I need to apply to get the mosaic dataset to display similar to the original rasters? After Colormap Function after colormap function was applied After Image Analysis Window Colormap to RGB Functionafter Image Analysis window