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Mulitple/ Seperate Layer Groups in WebMap?

Question asked by Keither on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by Keither

I apologize for the off title. I'm not exactly sure how to ask what I'm trying to do but I can show it. I do not think the term 'layer group' is correct.


I am trying to create a webmap with several layer groups, where each one hold points, lines, and polygons. I want these to be able to be viewed together, but also separately and independently, as needed.


For example... I have a main Line. It has features along this line that can be viewed and edited. Eventually I will build a lateral line off this line that will have the same features but may need to be isolated for viewing purposes.


I imagine showing in the 'Contents' window like the example above, but would like to toggle all features from one line on and off as needed to show the following...







Furthermore, If I could have another 'Layer Group' that holds all my 'base' data i.e. counties, roads, etc. That would be even better.


It would be great to be able to group these where a single click could turn the entire 'Data' Frame' (if you will) so that users don't have to sift through each layer.


I know I'm not using the right terminology here but I hope my example shows what I am looking for. Thanks in advance!