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Cleaning up polygon boundaries

Question asked by havard.moe_JBV on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by cdspatial

I'm having an issue with managing some data with errors in the polygon boundaries. The problem is that the software generating the data (delivered to me as Shape-files) will include some lines that are not the actual polygon boundary as part of the boundary. I'll try to show:


Bad polygon boundary


Above I have selected one of the problem polygons in ArcMap, Hereafter known as "Polygon 1". As you may see, there is a hole between Polygon 1 and Polygon 2. The south-western hole edge is part of the Polygon 2 boundary, while the other three side should form part of the Polygon 1 boundary.


The problem is that all the hole edges are included in the Polygon boundary, and this is causing problems later on when converting the data.


I have tried to Repair Geometry, but this only removes the hole and include the area into Polygon 1. Do anyone know a way clean up this ?