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OD Cost Matrix

Question asked by cpech07 on Jul 6, 2017
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I'm trying to calculate an OD cost matrix using Network Analyst. I'm currently running the Business Analyst license on ArcMap 10.4.1 and using the given network data that comes with the license. I have 8,024 origins and 11,038 destination points. I would like to output the travel time (in minutes) and travel distance (in miles) for each pair of points that are less than 100 miles apart. 


A few questions: 


1) Is it possible to set the cutoff value to 100 miles even if TravelTime(Minutes) is selected as the impedance? I am not sure if I'm suppose to approximate how many minutes are in 100 miles first and then input this estimate into the "Default Cutoff Value" cell. 


2) Is there an option to upload pairs of points (rather than origin and destination separately) and run the OD cost matrix? For example, I might subset the pair of points that are less than 100 miles (using Great Circle distance) outside of Arc and then bring the pairs into Arc. This will give me 24,635,869 pairs to calculate rather than the 88,568,912 (8,024 x 11,038)


3) I'm currently using the OD Cost Matrix interface on ArcMap and loading the origins/destinations from a drop down menu. I am not familiar with writing a Python script nor building a model. Is there an alternative method that will help generate the output faster? All I need in the output dataset is the origin tract id, destination tract id, travel minutes, and travel distance in miles (no line shapefile). 


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!