Draping images onto map in ArcScene

Discussion created by schuylerborges on Jul 6, 2017

Hello! I was looking for some advice on what kind of map I should create to display a certain kind of data. I would like to create a map that would contain a DEM, geologic map, observer points, viewsheds, and images in order to locate, or find the coordinates of, a geologic feature seen in the images. In other words, I can see these specific geologic features in the images, but I don't know their coordinates or their location in reference to these observer points, terrain, and geologic formations. Is it correct to assume that I can take the images, drape them on a 3D model, and, using a geologic basemap and viewshed tool, find the coordinates of them or even just draw on the map the geologic features I see in the images? 


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I am really lose to accomplishing this, but I'm running into problems with draping the images and creating a TIN. I would just like to know if this process is even possible to do.