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3D network and z coordinates from direction tool

Question asked by geosom on Jul 7, 2017
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I have a 3D network and i calculate my route on ArcSene.
I calculate an itinary with z variation
I notice that on a calulated itinerary, the tool for Direction generation  (the tool wich export Direction to xml) don't gave the z information in the coordinates of direction (xml generated).


I have information similar to this


      <DIRECTION id="2" distance="75.827654" cumul_length="0.000000" time="0.000000" drivetime="0.000000" turn_angle="0.000000" depart_bearing="299.006416" general_bearing="336.242394" maneuvertype="straight">
        <ENVELOPE minx="*******" miny="*******" maxx="*******" maxy="*******"/>
        <POINT name="maneuver" x="*******" y="*******"/>
          <STRING style="normal" text="*******"/>
          <STRING style="Cumul_length" text="0 m"/>
          <STRING style="summary" text="Conduite 75,8 m"/>
          <STRING style="length" text="75,8 m"/>
          <STRING style="street_name" text="*******"/>

Ps: I replaced by ****** the information about my data


Is this normal ? Is there an operation to do to take z into account ?


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