Problem with Dissolve Network

Discussion created by ahirzel on Jan 10, 2011
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I have a Network Dataset representing a road network. There are a lot of junctions with only two edges and I would like to dissolve these edges so as to have only junctions with more than two edges (crossroads). I have tried to use the new "Dissolve Network" tool but it only decreases the number of edges from 15290 to 15288... Looking at the network, there should be many more edges dissolved.

Why does it not work completely? What should I look at in order to understand what is going wrong? How could I improve the results?

Here are the characteristics of the network:

  • Stored in an ArcGIS 10 GDB

  • Originally built from a line shapefile

  • Sources: Edges, Junctions and Network_Junctions

  • Connectivity: Edges = End Point, Junctions = Honor

  • Elevation model: None

  • Attributes: Length (Cost, double)

  • Directions Ready: No